The seven Italian destinations are included in a departure calendar that alternates between 4 and 7 day trips. Having purchased a membership, the individual customer will then be included in a small group of explorers who will share interests and passions, while maintaining the peace and privacy of their own vehicle during transfers. Any additional vehicle rental is a separate cost.

For 4 participants there is the option of travelling in the Palladian Routes escort’s van (extra charge). The Palladian Routes escort will coordinate the different needs that arise, helping to manage the different degrees of freedom that the formula allows within the timeframes of the individual activities.


Once they have reached the various locations, clients will then decide how they want to take advantage of the experience of our tour leader, whether or not to stay with the local guide - if any - and when and with whom they want to enjoy a tasting or an aperitif. A couple can linger quietly over their aperitif at sunset, without affecting the others on the way back to the hotel. It will be possible to make requests outside the programme, which the accompanying person - in constant contact with the head office - will endeavour to fulfil, presenting in real time - obviously when possible - our offer for the requested extra

The prices quoted relate to the filling of the 15 spots provided per departure; if this number is not reached, Palladian Routes reserves the right to offer the departure at an extra charge. It will be possible to participate for a number of days chosen between 4 and 7, on the basis of the departure calendar included in the planning documents (following the signing of the collaboration agreement between the Agency and Palladian Routes), a calendar that will be implemented at a later date as per the communications that the partner agency will receive progressively.

Finally, there is the possibility for the first 4 applicants out of the 15 people participating, to use the reserved seats on the van driven by the Palladian Routes guide (with extra charge), but bound to the purchase of the 7-day package.

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